Dock 5 - Functional Fashion from an Authentic Port of Call

Dock 5 is a screen printing and sewing studio making waxed canvas bags with original art prints. The studio is located on Minnesota Point, a seven mile sand spit which projects from the center of downtown Duluth, Mn.  Living on Park Point, or what some locals call "the island," is to be surrounded by cool waters of Lake Superior with the Aerial Lift Bridge as our connection to the mainland. 
The Duluth Superior harbor is the largest, farthest inland freshwater port.
Of all the inspiration that represents this area, the Aerial Lift Bridge iconic for its beauty and unique history.  Originally built in 1905, as a rare transporter bridge.
Aerial gondola photo by Miss Mira Southworth 
The bridge was upgraded in 1929–30 to a vertical lift bridge, which is rather uncommon, and continues to operate today. The bridge was added to the National Register of Historic Places on May 22, 1973.
Travel in style with Dock 5!

Contact information: Natalija Walbridge


phone: 218-213-3958

address: 2311 Minnesota Ave, Duluth, MN 55802

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